Alexander Kashumov, attorney at law, works as a legal expert in the Non-Governmental Organization Access to Information Programme since 1997, head of its legal team. He is a member of the Sofia Bar Association since 1999. Under his supervision, AIP has supported and led more than 500 court cases under the Access to Public Information Act, many of which he personally represented. See the Access to Information section

He also deals with human rights, administrative, civil, criminal and commercial matters in partnership with the lawyers Terziyski, Borodjiev and Mihailova. See Contacts

In 2001 he led successfully the first two anti-discrimination cases in Bulgaria, before the adoption of the Protection against Discrimination Act, and later on cases against segregation, denial of education to Roma, evictions and police violence. In the past 20 years, he has represented a large number of journalists and media outlets in suits for insult and defamation. See the Human Rights section


In 2008 he represented the AIP in the Bulgarian data retention case where the Supreme Administrative Court revoked as contrary to the Constitution and the European Convention on Human Rights, Article 5 of Ordinance No. 40 of 2008 providing for direct access of police and security services to e-traffic data. He did successfully represented the Supreme Bar Council on Interpretative Case No 4/2009 before the Supreme Administrative Court Plenary regarding the legal standing of professional organizations and other non-profit entities to challenge sub-statutory acts. In 2013 The Supreme Administrative Court found contrary to the law in two cases represented by Mr. Kashumov the EIA decisions allowing the construction of a small nuclear reactor in Sofia and the National Nuclear Waste Repository. He won in 2016 the case of the municipalities of Kozloduy, Byala Slatina, Oryahovo and Bansko for the repeal of two decrees of the Council of Ministers for allocation of nearly 300 mln. BGN. See the Administrative Law section
He won the cases Sashov and Others v. Bulgaria (2010), Kasabova (2011), Idakiev (2011), Hadjiev (2012), Boykanov (2016), Aneva and others (2017), Yonchev (2017) and Kostov and Others (2020), Ekimdzhiev and Others (2022) before the European Court of Human Rights. He prepared the arguments on behalf of AIP in joint amicus curiae briefs together with other NGOs in the cases Mosley v. United Kingdom, Magyar Helsinki Bizottság v. Hungary (Grand Chamber).  See the International Courts section
He is an international expert on open government and access to information, fight against corruption, protection of personal data and freedom of expression. See the Consultancy section


He graduated from the National High School of Ancient Languages ​​and Cultures in 1990, Law and Philosophy at Sofia University "St. Kliment Ohridski "in 1997. He specialized in the Human Rights Law and Practices Program at Birmingham University, UK and in the International Policies Advocacy Program in in Washington, New York and Bratelborough, USA in 1997.

Married, father of three children.

Awarded the Lawyer of the Year Prize for the 2008 Law and the Justice Prize "Themis - the Price of Truth" in the "Case of the Year" category for 2016, organized by the Balkan Media Association and the Sofia Bar Association . See the Prizes and Awards section

According to Hoheger's report, lawyer Kashumov is among the 20 most influential public figures for 2008 in Bulgaria.

He has conducted trainings, lectures and presentations to thousands of civil servants, magistrates, journalists, non-governmental organizations, and others in Bulgaria, Germany, Poland, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Hungary, Serbia, Montenegro, Moldova, Romania, Croatia, Slovenia, Ukraine, Albania, Macedonia, Argentina, Mexico, Azerbaijan and others. See the Training and Lectures section

Author of dozens of analyzes and comments of legislation in Bulgaria and other countries, repeatedly heard in parliamentary committees on draft laws. He participated in drafting legislation working groups and prepared texts of laws. Key legal expert in EU Phare projects in 2007-2008 in Bulgaria (anti-corruption) and in EU IPA project in 2019-2021 in North Macedonia (access to information and anti-corruption), an OSCE expert on analysis and preparation of legislation, an expert of the Council of Europe and others. See section Law Drafting

Author and co-author of over ten books and collections, dozens of reports and manuals on transparency and access to information, personal data protection, freedom of expression and transition justice, published in Bulgaria, USA, UK, Hungary and others. See the Publications section

Chairman of the Bulgarian Journalism Ethics Commission (2015-2017), co-founder of the International Media Law Association, member of the Editorial Board of Economedia, Boards of the Access to Information Program, Bulgarian Lawyers for Human Rights, Open Society Institute - Sofia, FOIAdvocates Network and CEGA. See the Members section