Alexander Kashumov is a member of the Sofia Bar Association;

President of the Bulgarian Journalist Ethics Commission на Комисията Journalist Ethics Commission 2015 - 2018, a member of it since 2005;

Member of the Jury for the Jurist of the Year Award;

Steering Committee member of the Freedom of Information Advocates Network since 2014;

A founding member of the International Media Lawyers Association,

Board member of Access to Information Programme

Editorial Board member of Economedia 2010;

Board Member of Bulgarian Lawyers for Human Rights; (see more)

Board member of S.E.G.A. Foundation;

Board member of Open Society Institute-Sofia (by 2019)

Advisory Council member of the Global Right to Information Rating

Jury member of the Right to Know Day Awards since 2003 (see photoes)

Jury member of the Internship for Young Judiciary Professionals Program - 2013 - 2017 of AFB 

Jury member of the Big Brother Аwards see more and also here

Jury member of Human of the Year Awards since 2014

Steering Committee member of KTB files project

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